Reading the mad woman

woman and pet


One of my latest readers is a popular blogger who writes under the title Musings of a mad woman. She has children, a dog and a cat. The picture above is how I imagine her. I rad a few of her amusing little blogs.One was about failing at meditation in which nearly everything that could go wrong does. She thinks maybe she should masturbate, bu then the dog and then the cat want to play. Finally a nurse comes to save her from torture. It’s time for motherhood.

These are all familiar scenes and I’m certain many well meaning people have fallen into one or perhaps all of these traps. It’s not actually clear whether people were actually intended to mediate. What do we do? Empty our minds of thoughts about that project we’re supposed to be doing at school and work? Maybe we’re living fantasy lives that are far more interesting and varied than our real lives? Perhaps our fantasy lives should meditate on why our real selves aren’t as interesting as they should be.

I wouldn’t be surprised. But the mad woman has thousands of readers so maybe I should write about meditation and become more popular. Or maybe I will get a dog to take for walks and lose some weight.

My readers lead such glamorous lives.Two Satanists and one mad woman. Who knows what I will find this weekend?




Encouraging the consumers


Who knows? The woman in the picture below walking her dogs may be one of my co-workers or someone else’s case manager enjoying herself after work. But maybe should inspire one or more people by setting a positive example to begin walking to the store. Or to go to the Humane Society to pet the animals.

Maybe on a trip the consumer would get all those positive feelings we like to have as people who are not receiving case management. And why wouldn’t someone who is receiving our services want those kinds of feelings? There is a whole world of positive living that people have been describing and maybe we can help provide the encouragement. Instead of talking about medication, let’s talk about what inspires people, what they enjoy doing and what they see themselves becoming.



woman walking her dogs

who will be the mouser in the family

Emma und Paul auf der Heizung
Emma und Paul auf der Heizung (Photo credit: thosch66)


In every household there is at least one person who is assigned to rid the place of cridders. The might include mice, spiders, snakes critters and ants. Things that might lessen the enjoyment of one’s home. Oddly the same system applies to offices. Someone will catch these pests while one or more are hiding under their desks or barricaded in the bathroom.


At our office there is a tall woman named Earlene who is about 6 feet tall and men enjoy it as she towers over them. But when it comes to spiders, yours truly has to rescue her from distress. I imagine she consumes energy drinks at home and takes self defense classes. If only the spiders knew.


When I was growing up my mother would kill the occasional pest that dared to enter our home. It would be dispatched with a work boot or a broom. Word traveled fast around the mouse world that we meant business.


But it was a different story with local hippies Emma and Tim. One day I visited them looking for humus and sex and wouldn’t you know there was their cat Fidel carrying a trophy: a small mouse. Well,  Emma bounded across the room to try and save the mouse.


Little did Emma know I had worked out a deal with Fidel that I would pretend to release the mouse only to returnwith it. The mouse went on to it’s just desserts and I earned the undying gratitude of Fidel. To this day, I have a good relationship with cats. When you have tasty mice, cats will purr. It’s all part of natural selection.


The first computer mouse held by Engelbart sho...
The first computer mouse held by Engelbart showing the wheels that directly contact the working surface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Female Mouse Spider, Missulena bradle...
English: Female Mouse Spider, Missulena bradleyi. Taken in Swifts Creek, Victoria, Australia in July 2007. Specimen is approx 25 mm in size. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Don’t be calling me from the jail

When my cat interviewed me about being allowed to pet her a few years ago, one of the things she asked about was my infamous temper. Apparently I had quite a reputation for what the animals called manic behavior. Some diagnosticians, these local cats, eh?Apparently the odds were stacked in her favor. Despite evidence that dogs and other animals exhibit inappropriate and aggressive behavior,  only human beings end up in mental hospitals and jails for acting that way.  She wanted me to talk things over with her before acting on my impulses.

I must say I was thinking about my talk with my cat as I spoke with a friend who was having difficulties with her boy friend. I didn’t want to hear that they had started boxing over cigarettes, sodas or money like a lot of our 2 legged friends. We are also the only species that doesn’t exercise impulse control. That dog that bit the mailman,he knew exactly what was going to happen, but he was a sociopath. In other words, the dog was acting like a man who didn’t care what happened.

So before you go upside somebody’s head, talk it over with your cat or a good friend or somebody who is paid to listen. And don’t be expecting my cat to come bail you out if you get your ass in a sling.