Go take a hike!

This is the year of the vacation. What used to keep me from getting away was lack of paid vacation. But this year I am entitled. I am saving money and wondering about those places I used to go check out. Places that I could drive to and return from over a couple of days. I am going to be going on google to look for those places. I remember there was a place where I could check out miniature trains. I went to visit a Bahai worship place many years ago.

It has been a long time since i was stable enough to see outside of work long enough to think about what was out there. My ex-wife visits as many places as she can. She was more stable than me. But this is my time. I am even talking to my consumers about this. Go see your families, even if they live in Milwaukee. Go to Gary, Indiana, and bring your gas masks. Milwaukee may be a nice place to liveĀ  but anybody needs to spend some time away from home. I’m certain a lot of my readers need to take a hike. Maybe I will see you out on the trails.


This year: vacation

I am working harder than ever, keeping my appointments and trying to keep track of the consumers I work with. One reason why I joined my current agency was to enjoy the fruits of my labor: a vacation. Next month at this time I will have passed one year on the job. At that point I will earn two weeks of time off So I need to prepare for the idea of having nothing to do. Positively. Lounging around. Reconnecting with family. Going hiking. Visiting nationally known oddballs. since I have never had this long a time for a vacation, I figured I should ask my dedicated reader to make suggestions for what to do this year. What should I do for my vacation?