Mom’s walnuts, part deux

Well, my faithful reader no doubt remembers the story I told a few weeks ago about mom’s struggle to corner the market on walnuts. Apparently this is a lifelong obsession as a small woman barely 5 feet tall in her old hometown looking for walnuts and walnut trees. When she moved into the big city she was able to continue her habit and even having a truck full of squirrels who had cleared out her pickup bed could not deter her.

Apparently I was unaware of this walnut collecting when I was growing up. Surely I would have run away instead of hanging around after the squirrel story. Well I am visiting mom for thanksgiving and my older sister Chris was fussing with mom about the walnuts. Mom was excited telling about the two bushels of these things she has squirreled away in the basement. Well after Chris went to the store, Mom brought me down to the basement to show me she even has a secret stash that even Chris didn’t know about. ┬áIt is hard to deter a woman who is obsessed with collecting things.

You more or less have to pick your battles If you see a story of an airline passenger being caught smuggling walnuts, you’ll probably make the connection that it was me. Every family has a few nuts and mine has more than its share.