Spam, spam, spam!

I have received almost 7600 comments labeled as spam on my wordpress blog. I only published one of these comments because it seemed legitimate. Most of the others are pretty obviously junk. I notice certain email addresses pop up like “sexdate.” Some messages scrambled, in some weird foreign language or written in a very stilted language that I swear I’ve seen on previous messages. Some of these messages praise me while others say I am missing out on vaoluable traff I would be generating if I only clicked “here.” I figure that only a fool would click through so I trash the messages.

I’m very cautious because friends tell me about viruses that capture their computers and send out weird messages using their email addresses. I had to delete a facebook account that had been captured by spammers.  So, with the protection from wordpress and my common sense I feel pretty safe. No junk with get passed along on this site.