Is terror a bigger horror than imperialism?

I have been consumed with the horror of the destruction in Paris on Friday. And yet many of my progressive friends and various Africa news sites remind us of the ongoing relationship between France and its former African colonies.

Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Central African Republic
Equatorial Guinea

Due to a series of unequal relationships these countries are independent in name only. When we ask ourselves, why are African countries experiencing poverty and instability, we must look at the roots stemming back to the horrendous scramble for Africa in the late 1800s.

There was a book written called Not Yet Uhuru about the struggle for freedom in Kenya after independent from England. The title applies to most of these countries. And if the horrors of colonialism weren’t enough, radical Islamic groups are carrying out bombings. Africa must be free from imperialism and religious fanaticism. As we help the people of France to heal, they must recognize their duty to remove the yoke of neo-colonialism I am hopeful that a new generation of African leaders will emerge to help make independence a reality.

Happy Dr King Day

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I decided to use my Dr. King floating holiday to be off from work. Veterans Day is our other floating holiday. i am grateful for the accomplishments of Dr. King as I lived through the civil rights era. In a way, the holiday and the struggle that it took getting passed represents a victory for all African-Americans. Although others might not see it that way, I was clearly excited seeing something recognizing our achievements in America. We who were brought here under horrible conditions and lacked basic dignities, and being considered less than human.

Even today, with an African-American, Barack Obama as President, there are people who use his presidency as an excuse to unleash the most vile and racist epithets imaginable. They have no respect for the leader of our country and none for the struggle of our people. That is why we must hold ourselves up on the days that are not named for us. Tomorrow I will celebrate myself as I honor Dr. King’s memory by assisting the consumers who depend upon me. I think Dr. King would have wanted it that way.