Encouraging the consumers


Who knows? The woman in the picture below walking her dogs may be one of my co-workers or someone else’s case manager enjoying herself after work. But maybe should inspire one or more people by setting a positive example to begin walking to the store. Or to go to the Humane Society to pet the animals.

Maybe on a trip the consumer would get all those positive feelings we like to have as people who are not receiving case management. And why wouldn’t someone who is receiving our services want those kinds of feelings? There is a whole world of positive living that people have been describing and maybe we can help provide the encouragement. Instead of talking about medication, let’s talk about what inspires people, what they enjoy doing and what they see themselves becoming.



woman walking her dogs

Jonathan Batiste and the Stay Human Band at Rockwood Music Hall Nov 1, 10:30pm (NO COVER)

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Source: Jonathan Batiste and the Stay Human Band at Rockwood Music Hall Nov 1, 10:30pm (NO COVER)

Start speading the news, not sharing the manure

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There was this incredible people’s march on climate change yesterday that I found out about on twitter as participants shared pictures. It was one of the most positive events I have heard about in a long time and i would like to hear more from families or siblings who went and how it affected their relationship with one another. i have this lasting memory of being on a peace march with my brother and another memory of a close friend from high school coming to march with ,e when I was a college freshman at Howard University.What are the things that bind us together as progressives, not the things we dislike and wish we could eliminate from our lives.

The manure will always be out there and those who spread it will find it hard to eliminate the scent as it seeps into their pores. But those who spread stories of helping to eliminate homelessness among veterans will be more welcome. Yes, in spite of the problems at the Veterans Administration, the agency has reached thousands with a housing first model that has brought people in from the cold.

That’s where we ought to be as progressives bringing people in and helping to improve their lives, instead of focusing on what we dislike.

International notorious blogger

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When I checked my site stats for the year I found that people from 60 countries have been reading my blog. Either that or the CIA has been keeping a lot of tabs on me. The top countries in terms of views are

United States

United Kingdom



Virgin Islands



No surprises, there, mostly English speaking countries. Except for a few of my relatives who were in ESL classes. My nosy little companion will probably want to check and see why I am getting all these views from India and Singapore. Hah hah.

There is a recovery based network in Canada peerworks that exchanges views once in while. And I have seen some blogs from the UK that interested me. It’s good to know that Americans don’t dominate the market for poor taste the way we did right after the Vietnam War. So if you’re reading me and wondering how the hell you arrived at this site, it’s all perfectly natural, kind of like a colonoscopy.

Love Wins in Wisconsin

Yesterday I saw the delightful news that federal judge Barbara Crabb had overturned a state ban on same-sex marriage. State officials who were on the right side of history moved swiftly to issue marriage licenses and conduct weddings. Even the police in Madison, our state capitol, delivered wedding cakes to celebrate the marriages. My Facebook friends were excited. One couple who have been together more than ten years had a tacky wedding proposal widely enjoyed by all of us.

All, of course, except for those who believe discrimination should be enshrined in our constitution. For them, the judge had a sharp rebuke, reminding them that traditional marriage was actually polygamy. The passage of the anti-gay amendment was an attempt to rally the troops for intolerance. It immediately created two classes of citizens: those of us who enjoyed equal treatment under the law and those who did not. And it created the basis for the law suit that the ACLU if Wisconsin filed against it. As a result, love has won.

Nothing in the decision affected my relationship with my companion. We are as straight today as we were before the amendment was passed. The only difference is that today we could find some same-sex partner and get married. I am delighted that many of my straight friends were cheering on the decision for love. We can celebrate for our friends gaining their equal rights and protections and having the right to say “I do” or “I don’t” with everyone else. Hurray!Featured Image -- 3631

Both sides

Hopeworks Community

Roger and Denise Stewart are the next speakers in the Maryville Nami speaker series this Thursday. If you are in the area I hope you will consider coming.

Both sides: Stewarts share their journey through mental illness – Community – Mobile
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Generations to Come: Mother’s Day Reflections on the Future

Transition Times

1013976.large My son and his girlfriend say they’re going to have a pig instead of a child.  They mean that literally—they’ve fallen in love with the idea of small pet pigs—and they’ve thought long and hard about the issue of whether or not to bring a child into this world.  Both confess to strong maternal/paternal inclinations, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they would make wonderful parents.

But unlike most people, they are hyper-aware of the troubled times humanity is moving into, as we sail along on our spaceship Earth.

“There’s no future for a child today,” my son says with resignation, and goes back to talking about the virtues of pet pigs, leaving me to sadly ponder the prospect of a piglet for a granddaughter.

When I was their age, in my early twenties, I reached for motherhood as a flower reaches toward the sun.  It was only…

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