Positive rewards for myself

Recently I have had some positive experiences that I would like to share. On my job I do a lot of walking. I take around 4000 steps five days per week relating to work. I walk up stairs, walk a long distance to the bathroom. I park some distance from my destination when I visit many of the people I visit and I walk around the office building where our agency is located. There is a small workout spa in the building that I use. These good habits have paid off nicely as I received good news at my visit with the doctor last week. I had lost 10 pounds over this past year. It was not that much of a surprise because I found that some pants no longer fit.

Another positive reward I received was from seeing or hearing from old friends again. I had found myself wondering what people were doing, and why I didn’t accidentally see them in the stores. But now through social media and getting out into the community more I am seeing more people. I went to an antiwar march yesterday and was able to see people who I had only been Facebook friends with. I had lost the habit of going to marches and meetings in part because of social media. It was so much easier to sit in front of the computer and hover over interesting posts and messages. Even better I was able to combine going to the demonstration with exercising. I went to the spa before and after the demonstration.

My next step will be to combine exercise with seeing one of my consumers. One person who seems like a good candidate has agreed to go to Planet Fitness with me. I listened to a Planet Money podcast about the psychology of exercise clubs. I learned that these clubs were designed to lure people in and without being regular users. We like to think that we exercise more often than we actually do. I mentioned my desire to add some weight lifting to the nurse at the hospital and she thought I could make do with strictly cardio work. But I read about the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her diabolical plot to survive the trump administration. She lifts weights so I figured, I could, too.

I went to a meeting for Elizabeth Warren a few weeks ago and I find myself looking forward to seeing these new friends again. I had made a few changes in my habits since the meeting, which takes place in a bar. A few weeks ago I stopped drinking alcohol. And I have found myself having more energy, feeling less depressed. This helps me get out of the house to see people so the good habits reinforce one another.  So maybe people will see more of me out and about. Let’s see. I will go to the next meeting, eat a healthy snack and enjoy everyone again.

Buying medical debt

I just came home from having a holiday get together with two dear friends. And of course the conversation went to our various health issues including the affordability or lack of affordability of health insurance. I have learned that employer paid health insurance is good until you actually need to use it, then the co-payments and deductibles will do you in. My friends just experienced the maze of being cut off the employer paid health insurance, being told there was no appeal and trying to figure out Medicare. As readers we had seen the same article about a church buying $50,000 in medical bills and then writing it off and we thought that would be a perfect idea for our church. As with a lot of these ideas, the next step is figuring out where the church has the money and drafting a proposal and under which entity we submit the proposal.

We are practical people and the idea seems elegant and simple. We can put our heads together and use this as a solution to impact the lives of working and poor people in our community. The time for conversation has long past. It is time to inspire action.

Goat in Upstate New York Files Charges

A goat in upstate New York is pressing charges against a man who sexually assaulted her. The goat who is not being named to protect her identity said, “what a fucking asshole” in court during the preliminary hearing. The assault took place in a small town outside of Syracuse where there is a shortage of available women. The man, who is not being named to protect his family from a lifetime of humiliation, has a history of sexual offenses against farm animals. Many animals even shared pictures of the man on their cell phones to warn one another about the man’s horrible proclivities. This is a foul matter and the authorities are determined to put an end to the practice of sexually assaulting livestock. The man’s parents are preparing to move to an obscure Eastern European nation as soon as possible

More reading

I read a short book, Sam Harris’ Letter to Christian Nation, which goes beyond atheism in looking at the problems that result from religion. Harris shows the was in which religion is used to justify a whole series of horrors inflicted on people. He also shows that science and religion are not compatible. He presents the dangers created by religion and suggests that countries are better off where is le3ss religious belief. I have not read a lot of atheist books, I simply knew from an early age that I did not believe that god existed. I didn’t see any proof and I was horrified that God allowed horrible tragedies. Moreover the few things that I heard of in the bible were horrible. Harris reminded me of them, especially slavery and murder. The punishments for violating the supposed laws of god were so extreme one would be horrified to suggest that we carry them out. But sometimes there are stories of deeply religious Christians who suggests that unbelievers be killed.

Harris also takes issue with people who try to combat extreme Muslim belief by saying that “we’re all praying to the same God”, when in fact, they’re not. Even Muslims cannot agree among themselves who is a true believer.

I do not know how many Christians have read or glanced at Harris’ book. I found it in a small independent bookstore In Minnesota. It was cheap  and I thought I should find out more about his ideas. I have found occasional comfort in being involved in churches. I have been a member of the First Unitarian Society in Milwaukee for many years. I stay away from services that I find too religious. I find it the least objectionable religion of all.

I have not written in months

I was not at all sure why I had stopped writing. I often enjoyed sitting down at the computer and coming up with a few words. I sometimes looked for things that other people had written about news events and included them on my blog. I just read a few pages in the biography of Lorraine Hansberry I have been slowly reading over the past year.

I have not had a drop of alcohol for the past 12 or so days but it’s hard to blame the alcohol for my lack of production. I am one of those people who obsessively looks for whatever scrap of news I can find on different social media sites. I seem unable to set limits on this activity.

I did read recently that reading and writing regularly was good for the mind. Keeping words fresh in our minds. I am taking a break from news about politics today. I wrote on facebook that one thing I am wishing I had today was a box from my family including my sister’s cookies.She makes them with my wonderful niece Grace but lately her attention is on our mother who is 95. Mom will be having a birthday in February, because 2020 is a leap year. Mom seems to have this odd habit of somehow taking on whatever illness my sister has.

Lately she has had an unusual internal bleeding and looks very pale. It seems that the paleness may be the result of makeup but it’s had to figure out what is making her bleed. Well I guess when you reach that age, you can do a lot.

IDF soldiers terrorize the Palestinian civilians during the night, especially children. Shocking video

via NOT A WAY TO TREAT A CHILD — Desertpeace

Just imagine if this was your son ….. * And still, friendship survives under the occupation …