A modest Proposal


Now that I have caught your attention let’s discuss. One of the silliest ways white people have expressed their racism this year is by calling the police to report African-Americans for minding our own business. People may be at the pool at their apartment building, grilling food, walking down the street, conducting inspections in clearly marked vehicles while wearing uniforms, sleeping in a room at the university they are attending, or campaigning for office in their districts. Add to this is good old police racial profiling. Recently there was the story of a couple of ministers from Milwaukee who were returning from a fishing trip when their vehicle broke down. They were in the process of calling for a tow truck when a police officer came over and wanted to check out the vehicle and find out whether they were carrying weapons or smoking marijuana. This incident took place in the neighboring community of Waukesha where the only black people they like play for the sports teams.

There are remedies for these sorts of issues. The first of course is a simple matter of mind your own fucking business. I observe white people every day jogging, doing their errands, running for office, and I continue doing what I am doing because it doesn’t affect me. I am certain that every jurisdiction has laws regarding making nuisance calls. If the police are called on one of these nuisance incidents the callers should be fined and told to stop it. Community service could be imposed where people pick up litter in the black community or clean public toilets.  Police racial profiling is a more dangerous problem and requires action by attorneys general. There need to be more fair prosecution groups across the country to demand that police be held accountable. It was a hopeful sign recently when a former police officer was convicted of killing an unarmed youth who was in a car. Stop and frisk without any probably cause is wrong and it needs to stop. The other types of profiling where police stop vehicles for no reason and begin talking about smelling marijuana, and doing a lot of harassment of black passengers also needs to be ended. The district attorneys need to throw out these cases. We can do better.



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