Of natural causes


My sister and I talked on the phone the day after her 73rd birthday. We talked about the future. She is a fan of the University of Buffalo, which we both graduated from. UB made a splash in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Now, next year, they need to get some taller players. She talked about bringing Mom to the game. Mom will be 95 and just surrendered her driver’s license. The women’s basketball team has done very well and is one of the top teams in the country. So many things are different from when we attended the college and that is positive.

We spoke of her granddaughter, my niece. Things she needs to be around to teach her. Things she she wants to train her son’s pet to do such as recognizing that he does not need to bark at everyone, especially family. It is horrible when you visit a house with a pet that is allowed to run the house. It makes the visit unbearable.

One of the more lighthearted moments came when we discussed selling girl scout cookies. I didn’t solicit my co-workers, many of whom enjoy desserts. But my sister said she put up a sign in her doctor’s office and sold about 25 boxes. She sold at least as many through her hairdresser. So she is going to send me a sign for next year.

We know what lies ahead but we are going to enjoy as much life as possible. We take fairly good care of our bodies and we both have health insurance. What happens often seems unfair. Recently a lifelong bicyclist died at 68 from natural causes. He had a heart condition. A few weeks ago someone else died from complications due to pneumonia. A much younger than me. Rage, rage and do no go gently. But someday we will all go. Reach out and grasp as much of life as you can and hold onto it.

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