Community paint by a wonderful artist

2017-04-20 18.35.31


One more chance to paint!



with Mayor Tom Barrett

We (City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, Safe and Sound, and artist Tia Richardson) would like to invite the community out one last time to help paint the mural ‘Sherman Park Rising’ alongside Mayor Tom Barrett, Aldermen Stamper II, Alderman Rainey and other elected officials.

FRIDAY AUGUST 4th, 4pm-5pm
4715 W. Center St. Milwaukee, WI

You may have seen the new mural being painted during scheduled paint days. While completion is still a ways away, it is generating an overwhelming amount of positive support from people honking their horns as they pass; residents rolling up their sleeves to help paint; by grilling hot dogs and sweeping the lot. This reflects the vision of the mural – everyone working together to build a brighter future by raising one another up.

Community Paint Day with the Mayor” will provide a chance for elected officials to issue praise and commentary on the impact of this budding mural. While the mural is still undergoing transformation – reflective of the community – this will be an opportunity for everyone to participate in bringing the vision to life, network, and imagine the bright future of Sherman Park. A completion ceremony will be scheduled later in the summer.

Please share with your neighbors and networks!


Tia Richardson
Integrative Community Artist

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