Private prisons

The main concerns that arose from the Mother Jones article regarding private prisons were the neglect of mental health issues, the frequent stabbings that took place, and the problem of being kept in prison after serving one’s sentence due to the fact prison officials neglected to make arrangements for the prisoner to return to society. The Mother Jones article centered around an especially out of control prison in Louisiana operated by Corrections Corporation of America. By the end of the investigation, the state had awarded the contract to a different company.

But when I hear about government operated facilities many of these same concerns arise. Rikers Island in New York was for grievously neglecting  the mental health of its prisoners, who are simply awaiting trial. The largest mental institution in America is probably a a Los Angeles County prison. At the agency where I work, we have consumers we are assisting who cycle back and forth between the mental health and prison systems.If prisons fail to maintain the mental health of their prisoners or even actively abuse them as the prison in Mother Jones story was doing then you would want greater accountability.

Unfortunately Mother Jones showed that lawsuits by prisoners have been curtailed by filing fees and lack of access to legal libraries.

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