I joined onto the hashtag #OscarssoWhite very late although in a way I have always used it. To me, it symbolizes more than than handing an award to an actor or a movie. To me, it speaks to the issue of inclusion or exclusion from society. Although I have good memories of high school, I don’t recall seeing a single black staff member. In fact, the last black staff I remember from school was before I transferred from the black school system in our city into the white one.

So, who were my mentors? Good question. Where I lived, they didn’t use colored people. If your live in a society where no one looks or sounds or acts like you, what does that say? {I should interrupt at this point to tell you I am hearing voices. There is the John Coltrane song Afro Blue playing and singers are belting out the lyrics.) I don’t remember seeing a black police officers during this period, either. It is not surprising that I was alienated from authority. Now, black children have the luxury of deciding whether the black authority figures are more respectful. No, that doesn’t mean getting an Easy A in a class.

When I saw the hashtag I thought of who would you see as an every day person. Yesterday I went to assist a couple of consumers and we went to a grocery store in their neighborhood. I was delighted to see black workers helping to manage the store and provide good customer service. In a way, I way part of the black scenario as I am a deep dusky brown skinned man. When I watched television Monday night I looked to see roles for people who looked like me and was rewarded. I even found black people in commercials.

If your image cannot be shown in the public, then of course you can’t be crossing guards, senators, teachers, doctors or store clerks. Those are the people we value in our society. No, I don’t think that hiring black police, electing black police or giving Spike Lee an Oscar Award will solve our problems, but they are important steps toward equality.







many different colors



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