Sundays for the non-religious

follow your path



I have been scanning my picture collections to find the right things that match my words. After much searching, I chose the cartoon above expressing a sense of independence and freedom. I was inspired by a story in the latest edition of the Freethought Today which had an essay from Thomas Sheedy, a high school student who fought to get a non religious student group approved at his high school. Sheedy delivered a speech on October 10, 2015 at the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s 38th annual convention in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sheedy is a 17 years old student from New York State. After spinning his wheels for a while and getting nowhere he got the FFRF involved and before he was approved and on organizing meetings. For his hard work, Sheedy received an award for student activism.

I sometimes read stories from non-religious people who feel very isolated because they are surrounded by so many intolerant people who want to literally bring them to Jesus. I have foolishly entered into relations with religious women “looking for love in all the wrong places” because I found them attractive and it was discouraging to find someone who was more suited to me.

I think in the long run it is better to look for the progressive, and atheist people in our communities. They are out there. Reading in the library, jogging down our streets, canvassing for candidates, or reading The Humanist. We will just have to keep following our beliefs and remember that we may inspire people we don’t even know.





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