Setting the agenda

Thursday afternoon I had a teleconference with two Milwaukee County employees from the Community Access to Recovery Services CARS)  of the Division of the of the Behavioral Health Division. We were setting the agenda for our Recovery Advisory Committee meeting to be held March 10th. This committee is guiding the implementation of Milwaukee County’s Comprehensive Community Services program. On the other side of town several employees of our agency were having the February birthday celebration. Partly because I am an introvert, I decided to skip the party. It’s possible that I could have asked to use an office for the telephone call. But I also had an appointment on the East side which I knew it would take me 30 minutes to arrive so I stayed in my office to take care of this business. In addition I was praised by the women I met with for my hard work on the committee.



This helped me get through the next day and a half as if I was skating on ice. We also had a birthday party at our office on Friday which was like this picture

black women friends

So that was also on my mind. How much partying with my co-workers could I stand for one week? I mentioned this when I stated I was totally against going to the Thursday party. By the time we were finished with our birthday party I was exhausted. I had to drink some coffee to wake up for the afternoon. So I accomplished a lot this week. I survived 2 days of training, 1 party, 1 very important meeting agenda and several meaningful appointments with our consumers. Thank Darwin, it’s Saturday.

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