One of the oddest parts of the quality improvement exercise I attended today was something called Catapult. Each table received a package with pencils, scotch tape, paper clips, a spoon and several life savers. We were given 30 minutes to create a small catapult that would be able to fling a life saver into the air. Our table had several people including me, who didn’t know what we were doing. The project was designed to encourage teamwork and creativity and the ability to try out an idea, modify it and try it again.  Within 5 minutes, the people in the tables on both sides of us had flung lifesavers at us in what seemed like a shooting war.

The winning team flung their lifesavers 20 feet. Not to be outdone, on our third catapult model, we managed to fling ours about 5 inches. Obviously our several masters degrees were wasted. We even watched a video of an 8 year old making a catapult and flinging his lifesaver 10 feet. If you need recovery, come to me. If you need a catapult, go get the kid.

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