Not spiritual but looking for friends

I went to my first Chalice Circle discussion group at the First Unitarian Society on Thursday night. I am one of those people for whom the saying “I’m against organized religion, that’s why I go to the Unitarians” seem very appropriate. I have actually belonged to the group for a couple of months but this was the first time I actually went. And I found many o the reasons why I have difficulty attending such grounds still applied.ideas a they see them?

When I attend church I am actually looking for friends, people to talk with who might have something in common with me. I would like to have a discussion. For various reasons, this is not what I have actually done while going. But now I am right in understanding I would like to be able to know people and possibly do something good for the community.

As for things like religion or spirituality, they turn me off, leave me cold. When I see the word god, I am not moved. The word was listed on the discussion materials for the group. Can’t we just omit the whole idea ?

Is there a secular equivalent to a church where people don’t obsess about religion or spirituality?


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