When a friend is wounded




America goes back a long ways with France. In fact even before we became the United States large chunks of our country were a French colony. France fought in the French and Indian War. France made some of the same horrible mistakes as the rest of the world, in Haiti, Vietnam, Algeria and elsewhere colonizing and enriching itself on the labor of peoples of color. Bloody wars were fought against France in order to free these people. Sadly, in the case of Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, America blundered in right behind France.The French ideals have been more difficult to live up to in practice.

France has also been a cultural center where American writers and musicians moved to escape the oppressive atmosphere at home. America has come to the aid of France to in wars and that is what we are doing now. But unlike World War II, it is harder to tell where are the front lines and who are the enemies. France sounds like a different country full of expatriates once more. It is hard to say that France must expel a certain group of people because there are more types of French people than ever before.

So in a sense, the terrorists have succeeded. France had begun to recover after the massacre earlier this year at the satirical newspaper. They were going about the country and enjoying autumn nightlife. Now they are in mourning and many of the world’s people will mourn with them. We must do whatever it takes to recapture that sense of safety.

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