happy veterans day

I am not one for marching in a lot of parades so I didn’t march. I went to hear a forum speaker at the First Unitarian Society about her work with veterans. But she was very late and instead we had a spontaneous discussion about our experiences with veterans. I talked about my time many years ago and the uncertainty and the fear that I would be sent overseas. I spoke about my Uncle Johnny being sprayed with Agent Orange. And I mentioned my experience with the military justice system. I was disciplined for having a bootleg paper. I know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

There were things that could have been exposed. I mentioned as an aside that some of the black antiwar protesters were military veterans. But the biggest thing that happened today was calling my sister to find out how she was doing. Well, as it happened. Her son lost one job and got another one that pays more money than me. She went to Washington to get a break from Mom. We are not a family that deals with deep emotional things. So I will book my flight and see what happens in my first trip home as Kenyatta.Or Uncle K. Or Kenny.


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