The stupid conversations we have about President Obama


When I looked on the Huffington Post website today I thought I was stuck in a time warp.You see, ever since President Obama took office the republicans created a bunch of silly discussions to distract people from substantive issues. One of those discussions was the question of whether the president was in fact a Muslim. The Muslim story began shortly after America discovered he had been attending a Black Christian church in Chicago with a very fiery and outspoken minister. Everything the minister said was immediately tied to Obama because why not? People are always whatever their religious says and does. But then Obama broke with the minister publicly and stopped attending his church.

For me, this was almost too much information. I didn’t care what church the president attended. I focused on whatr he was doing regarding the economy. I wanted him to get people working again. I wanted the auto workers to be having good jobs. And I wanted the United States out of Iraq. Well, a lot of those good things have happened. Unemployment is much lower than it was before his election. And the Affordable Care Act has helped reduce the number of people without health insurance. It has survived law suits and an attempted to sabotage the websites and the marketplaces where people buy insurance.

The president also negotiated with Iran, Syria and Cuba, something that shocked and disgusted many of his opponents. He is unafraid to keep pushing his agenda even in the face of a wall of republican obstruction. He has even survived the silliness. The stories of his religion keep appearing, as they did today. Ben Carson, a doctor and republican clown car rider, was quoted saying that he doesn’t feel Muslims are qualified to be the president of the United States. Ted Cruz, another clown car member who always pushes his religion, said he isn’t certain whether Obama is a Christian. The Donald said there probably has been a Muslim president. And there you have examples of why we avoid serious discussions about things like the Syrian refugee crisis.It remains to be seen whether the media will succeed is giving us a steady diet of stories about Bernie Sanders’ hair to replace the silly stories about Obama but you can bet they will try their best.


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