The man who kept kids from starving / the theory of positive deviance

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One of my favorite stories is the story of Jerry Sternin.  He came to Vietnam in 1990 to try to come up with a way to address the issue of malnutrition especially that of child nutrition.  Without any great theory of  malnutrition or any great resources he found a solution and in the process showed the amazing power of a theory of human change called the theory of positive deviance.  His idea was real simple.  Even in the worst of situations he assumed there were people who were successful.  Not all kids were dying of malnutrition.  His idea was find the people who were doing things differently, who were successful and teach others to do the same thing.  Find out what works and do more of it.  And not only did it work it worked spectacularly.  A description of his story can be found in many places but this link…

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