Safe at home

This is Tony with a damaged brain and a disease.

After I completed my last blog entry I shut down the computer and read the New York Times front page. My attention was drawn to a headline; Please help me, searching for a mentally ill brother in Brooklyn. It was the kind of story that often ends in tragedy. There are so many ways that people can get lost, what is called falling through the cracks. In this case, the writer, Kim Barker, helped a black woman find her brother who lives with a mental illness. The title of this blog comes from the caption of one of the pictures in the story. The siblings were reunited and living with her and her husband and their children.

The picture that I used up above is Tony Dorsett, who I have written about a few times. He is also living with a mental illness resulting from years of football injuries called concussions. Some players have ended up homeless like the man in this story. Homelessness is not hopelessness, fortunately.

We can and must reach out to find people who are being mistreated, neglected, poorly housed or living on the street and bring them back. We all need to be safe at home. We can and must end homelessness. It is a scandal that in the land of so much wealth, where abandoned and boarded up houses haunt poor neighborhoods. and cities, We have people living on the street. At the same time, a billionaire real estate dealer is running for president as a bigot. Safe at home, safe at last, that must be our our rallying cry.

One thought on “Safe at home

  1. Beautiful post… I’m homeless and in need of much Prayer. Thankful to have people like you, who care about those of us with mental illnesses and housing issues. May Heaven continue to smile upon you and yours… Keep up the good work 🙂


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