Fantasy literature and creative spirituality

I went to my first service at the Unitarian Universalist church is several months. And as usual it was a delight. I have difficulty being part of anything for a long time. I told a friend “I have my ups and downs.”: And this is very true. I can be all in or all gone in a lot of ways. With friends, relationships, groups, activities, you name it. Now, I am definitely in at my job. I have learned what the clients want from me and I am doing my best. When I attend the Unitarian services, I enjoy them. And because of my personality, it is difficult for me to get out of the house.  And a person I had not seen in years happened to be in the group.  I had lunch with the friend who invited me back to the church who when I said, I’m not very religious, said “our church isn’t very religious.”

I got a button that says Black Lives Matter at the mostly white liberal church. When I couldn’t find my name tag, three or four people tried to help find it or offered suggestions on how to make the badge stand out more. I enjoyed hearing about fantasy literature and maybe I will read some. If atheists had an equally entertaining activity I would go there, too, on Sunday.


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