Can I not get an Amen?

Can I not get an Amen? It’s a common phrase that has somehow slipped into popular culture and it’s likely that non-religious people like me have used it. Can I get an Amen is a way of requesting one’s audience to acknowledge a particularly profound and deep comment. But as one who escaped the Amen corner I think it’s time to suggest there are no ways to promote one’s greatness. Such as by using phrases like “behold, the only thing greater than Donald Trump’s hair”, while wildly gesturing to the audience in the manner of Trump.

Or you might want to look in amazement at the person and say “obviously, you have no idea who I really am” and leave in a huff. Don’t hesitate for a second the grand entrance or exit is one of the greatest things in movies. Surely one’s adversaries will crumble while you supporters will beg and plead for you to stay.

Either alternative is preferable to suggesting that one might benefit from using a worn out phrase best left for toasts to a particularly superb brand of marijuana. Or you might say, stop bogarting the damn joint” at such moments.


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