I too believe the hearing voices approach is emancipatory for all

recovery network: Toronto


This is one of my favourite slides that I use in talks I do. The idea expressed by Ron Coleman is for me the heartbeat of what Hearing Voices approach is about.

Hearing voices is not – as some think – just a new name for a diagnostic term. Rather, “hearing voices” is, firstly, an attempt to find and use simple, accessible and descriptive language of shared human experience. Calling something like “auditory hallucination” might leave you believing you’re in on some sciencey secret society with secret, all-knowing knowledge, but you’ve only to hear people tie themselves in knots, talking of “false hallucinations”, “pseudo hallucinations” etc to realize they really know knob-all with knobs on.

Hearing voices is not a perfect term – I don’t just hear voices I see and feel things and smell things and other stuff too – many of us do. It is though simple and…

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