Fashion Ideas For Victims – How To Avoid Rape

Mumbled Truths

I couldn’t make this up if my life depended on it.  I’m minding my business scouring the internet for news, only because I’m cutting down on my TV watching and if I’m going to be force-fed perspectives brought to me by big business, I will do so for free. So where do you go, not only for news, but reactions to said news? Why Facebook, of course. Trending on my timeline was an article from Guyana (South America), where Divisional Commander ‘A’ Division, Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken had this suggestion to prevent rape: 

“While we try to prevent somebody from committing the offence we must ensure that we do not create an atmosphere for it to happen,” he said; adding that “and that is why we advocate for young females within a certain age group who are vulnerable, between 13 – 18, to always embrace an attire that is accepted…

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