Republicans risk alienating voters

I read an article by Catherine Rampell about the possible pitfalls facing the Republican Party based upon the foreign policies of their man “get tough” presidential candidates. I believe that the values espoused by many of their candidates could also sink the country. The strident, often laughable suggestions by Rick Santorum, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, make me wonder whether any of them have actually read the US constitution they hope to defend. These men have made comments suggesting that the Supreme Court could simply be ignored if it happened to rule in favor of major equality. As if the idea of equal protection under the law only applies to certain people. Is America actually governed according to the biblical interpretations of right wing Christians?

Hell, no. Not just because I am an atheist but also what they’re promoting is a form of theocracy. In one fell swoop, these men would drive a tracker through the wall developed over hundreds of years between church and state. There have been many breaches of that wall, which is why I belong to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. That organization, which is hated by right wing extremists, acts on our behalf s to stop government and private citizens from imposing their religious beliefs upon the rest of us.The Freedom from Religion Foundation is aggressive and often ruffles feathers, as evidenced by the hate mail they publish in the Freethought Today.

Now, we face our biggest threat to date, the religious right wing attempting to impose their views on more than 300 million people. I believe that the Republican Party should be alarmed, as well. Do you really want to be saddled with the burden of having such rabid, incoherent and unconstitutional beliefs? As a progressive, I welcome the opportunity to vote for well reasoned ideas from Bernie Sanders. As an American, I worry that a lot of influential people with money to spend may drag us back into the 19th century.



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