One day things will change

One day, a person’s sexuality will be as unnoticed as the color of their eyes. Politicians won’t pander to religious bigots who lay up nights worrying about how someone else’s freedom affect theirs. The nation will awake to a time when we don’t know or even care about whether the person living next door is any sexuality because we will be living our own lives. Players, actors and famous people across the world will keep their sexuality to themselves as board games becomes far more important, after global warming and rising income inequality.

One day, pink, green or yellow skin will be among the favored skin tones and it will be fabulous. We really need a wider spectrum of complexions so bring it on.

One day singers will sing fully clothed and awards will be given for performers based upon talent. And no one will be publicized simply on the basis of their supposed celebrity.

One day, unarmed African-Americans will not be shot by policemen jumping on the hoods of their vehicles, half trained rich white men posing as policemen or gun nuts posing as neighborhood patrols. That change will take place over time as the people who commit such crimes are arrested, convicted and imprisoned.

Someday, there has to be a change.



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