using the fitbit


I have been using a fitbit for the past month since I received it as a birthday present from Lizzy. She had consulted with her daughter, who is a workout guru and did some research on her own to find the right sort of fitness band. I had bought an inexpensive brand last year at a drug store on an impulse but it only lasted a few months before coming apart.

For the first few weeks, I only used the band to keep track of my steps. Although I may look overweight, I have gradually put on pounds over the years as my metabolism slowed down. I realize that I can no longer eat the way that I did 10 years ago. Not if I want to be active and healthy for the next 20 years. So, over the past week I began logging my food and exercise routine. The food was quite a revelation. I know exactly what to avoid and what to eat more off. i doubt that I will ever be in the 150s again but I would like to see a few pounds melt away and have my blood pressure return to a nice number I can live with. I think Lizzy would like that too.

That’s what happens when you’re finally 64.Checking the stats for the week, I am consuming far less than I am using in terms of calories and feeling pretty good about it. I think this is a good start. I don’t need to eat all of that jun, anyway. One pitfall ahead is the staff retreat next Friday and the graduation party for a co-worker. It will require discipline to maintain my good habits.

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