Doing some atheist stuff this week

I just got home from the atheist backyard barbecue which was pretty much like any sort of similar event. You see who is talking about something you would enjoy discussing and you join in. Things were very tough this weekend because my allergies bothered me the whole time up until this afternoon when Lizzy got me some eye drops. She also got me some stuff to replace the meds I had taken. Stuff that just wasn’t working

I had planned on going to a few more things this weekend but they fell through. But this week we have the first meeting of our Milwaukee Black Nonbelievers group. This will be my first attempt to have a conversation with other African-Americans about our non-belief in religion and the things we have found to fill in the gaps. The non-believers in the (white) community have a lot of social events that help tie the group together. Will the black non-believers follow the same path?

That would make sense because with the internet, you can find plenty of you tube videos about whatever you’re looking for. You don’t need to come to meetings to learn about that. You come to social events to reinforce your connections and to have fun. You come to meetings also for those things and to learn a little from the people around you. Let’s hope we can do this in a format that engages people. Otherwise, we will have difficulty keeping them involved.



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