Is Kenyatta a control freak?

1008_control-freak-intro_400x400 control_freak_t_shirt-p2356033243682767344btn_400 control-freak-quotes-5 Control-Freak

I have been accused of being a control freak, especially on Atheist Nexus, where my blog appears when it has atheist oriented stuff. I have noticed that sometimes I get more people viewing and certainly more comments on Atheist Nexus than on wordpress. One day I had 5 comments awaiting my approval. when I returned home.

I keep close tabs on my social media presence and the few religious people I have as friends don’t appear on my facebook newsfeed. I am not one of those people who allows any and everyone to friend me on facebook and then posts screenshots from people I don’t agree with on my atheist sites.

I might loosen up someday. I might buy a guitar or a Harley. or i might fuck off like my twitter trolls have suggested.

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