Religion at work

One of the most painful topics I have found in the Black Nonbelievers Facebook group ts the people who feel ostracized at work by religious co-workers. This is a particular problem when you work with African-Americans. Co-workers share their religious experiences at length at break, during a crisis or just hanging out in the hallway. It can seem awkward not chiming out “bless you” automatically when someone sneezes. And people may ask to be kept in prayer during moments of crisis. One begins to feel a little strange


If you look around everyone’s office, you find that classic sign assuring you that God is in charge of taking care of people’s problems. This may seem contradictory because people work very hard at working on solutions for their clients. In that effort, they use reason, evidence, empathy and compassion, the kind of things your garden variety humanist might do.


In the climactic,moment of triumph and empowerment, a believer is most likely to exclaim “God is Good” before taking credit for their own good deeds. This seems contradictory and lazy in the sense, you’re throwing away all that hard work. But as Sherlock Holmes would say, the work is its own reward. That and an IRA.


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