Good hair

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i just finished watching the great Chris Rock documentary on black hair released in 2009. When it first came out, I heard about bits and pieces of it, but tonight after work I visited the library down the street from our office. And there was this movie on the shelf telling me it needed to be seen. And I discovered that the movie held up well and I found that the hair conditioner my sister sent me was made by one of the most famous black owned hair product manufacturer, Dudley’s which was featured in the movie. I work around several black women and hair is one of the things they like to discuss. And sometimes, overcome by curiosity, I ask whether what I am seeing is her real hair. Black women’s hair is a source of mystery and enormous profit for people around the world.

It is amazing how much of that money flows into the hands of people outside the African-American community and it is unbelievable what people will sacrifice for their hair. I totally related to the part of the movie featuring hair relaxers. For a torture session, the United States should simply apply hair relaxer on the heads of terrorist suspects. Hell, I know I would talk. I had that stuff in my hair twice and I swear I will never do it again. The other thing i will probably never do again is touch a black woman’s hair. But I had a good laugh, thanks to Chris Rock. Saturday, it’s time to return to the barbershop.


2 thoughts on “Good hair

  1. Thanks for all the likes on this post. I think the funniest part of the movie was when Chris Rock tried to sell black hair. This stuff is from Detroit


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