What does money have to do with religion? Everything, apparently.

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I have been rocking and rolling the past couple of days about a post on Facebook about a post by a multimillionaire minister named Creflo Dollar. Now isn’t that a name that inspires confidence? This man had the nerve to post a gofundme campaign to implore the sheep of his congregation to pay for him to have a new jet. Apparently his old jet is getting a little seedy and the other ministers have new jets, so why shouldn’t he have one?

It was one of the most outrageous efforts ever by one of many incredibly wealthy so-called ministers. They live in mansions that are tax free because the church owns them. And the churches don’t have to report anything to the IRS. If this isn’t a scam developed by atheists, we ought to publicize it far and wide. Go to twitter and find #creflocrook and add your two cents.


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