Hey, welcome to my new followers

The number of people reading me on wordpress seems to be growing steadily even though I do take breaks from writing. Work keeps me busy. I am a certified peer specialist in a targeted case management agency. Some of what I do involves helping people who are seeking employment. I actually have about 7 people on my caseload who are in different stages of looking for employment. Living on SSI which provides disability for people who don’t have a lot of work experience is a rough life. It can sometimes be combined with other supports such as rent subsidies,food stamps and energy assistance. But those things don’t provide a meaningful role for individuals.


I would rather help people find something to do where they can control their own money than to have them struggle with a payee. I have learned that work takes the edge off. When I am out there sitting with a consumer at a meeting with a Division of Vocational Rehabilitation counselor I feel better about myself. It feels good to discuss what types of jobs people want to do instead of worrying about whether the person is cleaning his or her apartment.

The economy added over 290,000 jobs last month. That’s a big number. Maybe some of those are people with disabilities, disclosed or hidden. A young woman on facebook disclosed that she takes a medication and is getting her life together. I advisedĀ  her not to sweat the small stuff.Some days she makes funny pictures that I enjoy. Maybe one day she will have a group of robots or maybe she will be singing about skating away on a river. Court and spark. Read on. The journey has just begun.



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