Going where everyone knows your name

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I have sometimes unsettling experiences like the one I had at the Change Agents meeting last week where I am surrounded by a bunch of people who know my name but whose names I can’t recall. I see them and recognize that I have met them but if I had to produce their names from my memory I would probably be better off trying a different game. Apparently my body language and looks of puzzlement betray the fact I have forgotten their names and so many of them volunteer the information.

I have joked about my memory issues, calling them “senior moments” and that seems to work. Sometimes if I keep talking I will recall their names. It also helps that a lot of people at these events are wearing name tags. At the First Unitarian Society today I was pleased that I recalled many people I had known for years but had not been in touch with lately. I was talking with Peter, an attorney, and it just so happened he was preparing for his March Madness trip. And that helped to fill in the blanks. I am not one for a lot of details. For instance when I said his children must be grown and out of the house, he responded they were 30 and 29, respectively.  It is possible that I simply need to be around people more often. I saw a list of interesting events on the UU website  and so that might help. I will probably split time between the UUs, the YMCA and the various atheist groups. Now if anyone knows me from all three groups, they’re probably stalking me.

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