Do we have a strategy?

I have been wondering as a progressive what has been happening to us in Wisconsin. We seem to be losing a lot of elections and we are gerrymandered into a terrible position in the state legislature. Even if Democrats won more votes than Republicans, we would still lose elections because of the way districts are drawn.  We have seen big rallies at the Capitol, and an impressive attempted recall and yet the carefully chosen millionaire Democratic candidate for governor lost. When I went driving, everywhere along the highway, there were huge signs for Walker and the attorney general candidate. It was horrible.

I was flooded with lie after lie on tv with commercials slamming the Affordable Care Act. So now after being traumatized by this experience I am seeing all this attention shift to Walker as a possible presidential candidate. The Democratic candidate for governor has disappeared in her place is the permanent fundraising machine.

Daily I am flooded with emails by Mike Tate Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. He is always begging for money, saying that some anonymous people will match my donation and even once or twice apologizing for the volume of emails. These are never emails talking about a strategy or asking what I could do besides give, give, give. Is Mike Tate organizing people to protest about the Right to Work for less bill being jammed through the legislature? How are Democrats going to become an affective minority? What are they going to do besides alienate their base?

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