Go see Selma



Tonight I went with Lizzy to a neighborhood theater to see the much discussed movie Selma. We found that it lived up to our expectations. It was a portrayal of the history behind one of the greatest civil rights marches of all time. Lizzy and I were children during this time but we were ;part of the large television audience. I remembered the actual events in which President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the Voting Rights Act with those fateful words “we shall overcome.”

He stood on the right side of history and today we still see people seeking their full and equal rights as Americans while Governors and local officials attempt to stand in the way. There is no right to discriminate under our constitution. And the words of disgraced black republicans who say that race relations are worse than ever are a sad attempt to re-write our history but they shall fail. It took millions of people to end segregation and gain the right to vote.

I hope that the students who attend southern universities get the best possible education they can. Today there are black athletes at all of those major southern schools whose fathers and grandfathers sacrificed for them. Study hard and give back to the community. Treat your loved ones as you would wish to be treated. And remember where we came from.


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