Make it a family quilt

I talked with my older sister Chris about the quilt idea and we settled on the idea of our immediate family: children and grandchildren, plus Mom’s cousin and brother. getting something handmade can be a little expensive. We have never had something positive like this we could pass down. Even the family bible is something in dispute. It was the thing that recorded births but I have no idea where it is and since I am an atheist I would prefer something secular. I am interested in finding a way to incorporate something from each of these people as an item we could pass along. The first thing my sister and I agreed upon was that unfortunately because Mom is better at starting things than finishing them, she would not be the one to complete the quilt. It would also be strenuous at her age. I would like to give her something that could outlive us. I will update my fan on our progress.

I have found a woman in the area with a quilting business and she has quilts already made. However I would like to have as family’s names embroidered which Lizzy said might be difficult to do with a stuffed quilt. We plan  to go visit her this weekend to check out the quality of her work. It’s exciting to be making progress on this project.


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