Would you see A Late Night Catechism?

Yesterday at the Mythicist Milwaukee meeting, we were throwing around ideas for activities that might interest people, when one guy, Brian, mentioned an improv play he had seen in Chicago called A Late Night Catechism. Apparently the play was has also been performed around Racine and Milwaukee pokes fun at religion in general and the Catholic church in particular. As Brian explained, it sounded very interesting and something I might want to see.

Unfortunately, Lizzy played wet blanket when I returned home, full of enthusiasm. She took to the Internet (don’t you hate it when people look for evidence?) to read about the play and found it was full of inside jokes that only former Catholics would appreciate. Am I deeply offended? Yes, I think the main reason for having a companion is to have someone who will always agree with you, no matter what. Not quite the mother on Leave it to Beaver, but more like the one on Bonanza.

So, since I can’t get support from my dear one, I figured I would ask complete strangers, not unlike yourselves, the thousands of people reading my blog what you think. Have you actually seen this play? Are you a former Catholic? Should free thinkers stay home and tend to their knitting instead of enjoying a night of religious themed humor? You can let loose with your opinions and if they are lucid, I will reproduce them for kernels of wheat.


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