Happy Dr King Day

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I decided to use my Dr. King floating holiday to be off from work. Veterans Day is our other floating holiday. i am grateful for the accomplishments of Dr. King as I lived through the civil rights era. In a way, the holiday and the struggle that it took getting passed represents a victory for all African-Americans. Although others might not see it that way, I was clearly excited seeing something recognizing our achievements in America. We who were brought here under horrible conditions and lacked basic dignities, and being considered less than human.

Even today, with an African-American, Barack Obama as President, there are people who use his presidency as an excuse to unleash the most vile and racist epithets imaginable. They have no respect for the leader of our country and none for the struggle of our people. That is why we must hold ourselves up on the days that are not named for us. Tomorrow I will celebrate myself as I honor Dr. King’s memory by assisting the consumers who depend upon me. I think Dr. King would have wanted it that way.



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