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A few of my friends have been getting into Pininterest which I had been slow to use but now I found a very interesting and exciting tool. When I write about the ways people follow my blog, I really did not pay much attention to the fact I am increasing my presence on that new medium. Well, new to me, anyway. According to Lizzy, I am addicted to Facebook. It’s only partially true as I look to new ways to engage social media.

I just spent several minutes adding many new interests on Pininterest and I now find the process very intuitive. I found information about peer support, basketball as a metaphor for life, vintage jazz and introverts. There was even a picture of former Milwaukee Journal columnist Eugene Kane. And Jacqui Williams, a Unitarian Universalist in Albany, New York has an interesting page for her business Filling in the Gaps in History, specializing in African-American history. I learned a lot from her site.

There are so many exciting ways to engage people, so feel free to pin me, and explore some of the interests I am sharing. Maybe, one day, we will meet in person and by then you will know enough to have a conversation.


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