Past Murphy 2: What should mental health reform actually reform

Hopeworks Community

Murphy 1 was defeated (with the unintentional aid of Rep. Murphy) by a coalition of people who urged Congress to say no. The message was clear: The Murphy Bill was ethically challenged. It was an ineffective approach to real problems driven more by ideology and ambition than good sense and a comprehensive vision of needs and solutions. It sought to concentrate authority in federal hands and ignored the diversity and unique needs of state systems. It ignores entirely the issue of access to services at the center of the mental health crisis. And it ignores and treats as unimportant the draconian cuts to state budgets that have left so many people without much needed help. And finally it ignores and indeed dismisses the experience of thousands and thousands of people that despite the challenges they face that a better life, given effective tools and support is realistic for people formally…

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