Going swiftly

Tonight, despite problems with congestion, I decided to attend my first broadcast of the South East Wisconsin Freethinkers radio program. I arrived late, having conked out earlier this afternoon. Lizzy and I cancelled a social event we had planned because neither of us was feeling well. However I was motivated by the realization I have trouble getting around to do much else besides work, the poor quality of the Facebook atheist groups and the desire to meet people in real life.

The broadcast takes place in the tiny front window of Riverwest Video, which does a surprisingly brisk business. The “studio”, as it were, was about the size of our bedroom. But with far more people moving about (we’re not weirdos, after all.) The area is somewhat seedy although there are some long time businesses still going.

i chimed in a few sound effects during the broadcast, mindful of the no profanity sign. If Zeus does not strike me dead, I will be at the SWIFT meeting tomorrow morning.


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