A tribute to artists and others who died in 2014

Here are some of the artistic pioneers that time will not allow us to forget

1. If I said you name sounded like the Lone Ranger’s horse who I would be thinking of?

2. If I said you were a bass player with children who play music,who would you be?

3. If I said you made us laugh when you said  ‘good morning” and you made us cry when you said, “goodbye ‘, who would I be speaking of?

4. If I sang Moon River, you would definitely know I was speaking of this person.

5. and 6. If I looked at a picture of dancing poets I would know they died within weeks of one another.

7. If I said you still had kisses sweeter than wine, you might be flattered until you realized I was thinking of a certain person.

8. If you ain’t no time for an aeroplane, there’s only one person you could be.

9 If you were a sex machine, then hush your mouth, cause we’re talking about…

10. If Johnnie be good, and albino then you know, who I’m talking about.

11. And no list would be complete without a woman who touched so many for so long as a writer, actor, activist and a wife and mother. She had been married to Porgy.

Death is the final chapter, It is the one thing that is certain so let us rejoice and remember the fond memories we have of them. This is the one precious life we are given so let us find a way to rejoice and be glad in it.


One thought on “A tribute to artists and others who died in 2014

  1. There was one mistake. I included Moon River which referred to Andy Williams but he died in 2012.Feel free to post your guesses.


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