Should I do radio?

One of my friends Damien Jones sent me a Facebook message about the possibility of being on the South East Wisconsin Freethinkers Radio program. I had mentioned that SWIFT has two programs on Riverwest radio. I have always been interested in radio including the old time shows and the development of public radio. I imagine it must be fun putting together various segments by keeping track of the news, discussing them and figuring out what to include.I used to read a lot, which is not surprising because I was a librarian and I come from a family of readers.

But more recently I find I would rather just listen. I love it when somebody tells me a good story. And I have no shortage of opinions, as one can gather from my blog. By the way, I now have over 300 followers on wordpress. So there is a chance I will make my way to the Riverwest Radio  studio and let loose a few pearls of wisdom and wit one of these days.

skin I'm in

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