An atheist social network

I have been on Facebook for a few years now an actively participate in several atheist groups. It has been difficult to be part of atheist groups outside of the internet. However, I got an atheist magazine for my companion as a solstice present and found information about the south-east Wisconsin free thinkers which has a regular monthly meeting and a radio show. In addition swift is part of atheist nexus an atheist alternative to Facebook. I posted a couple of my atheist blog entries on the site and read several enlightening articles. I may go to the radio broadcast. There are actually two atheist radio programs, one discussing the myth of Jesus and the other seems a little more interesting with topical information. Both of these are run by people affiliated with swift. I just created a link to atheist nexus with the intent of posting my blog on their site as well as WordPress. So hopefully I will be able to get more people reading and get ideas from others.


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