Tennessee: a disaster in “mental health season”

Hopeworks Community

Tennessee is in its annual mental health season.  Budget requests are being made and advocates are trying to tally up the results and advocate for those at risk. 

The mental health budget is really contained in the presentations of two departments:  Dept of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Tenn Care (Tennessee Medicaid).
There was much to be concerned with this year but two proposed changes together provide the basis for a human disaster of major proportions.

One of the things Governor Haslam said during hearings was that he could understand the impacts of some proposals but others he would have to study on and find out more about. This post is hopefully part of his study

One of the changes was in the TDMHAS presentation, the other was in the Tenn Care presentation.

1. TDMHAS proposed that all funding for 45 peer support centers be eliminated. The total “savings”…

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