No cause for indictment: once again

Well, the grand jury in the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown reached its verdict last night.  Unfortunately the cover-up in this case began the instant Darren Wilson pulled his trigger. This is a scene repeated across American when black people are shot and killed by the police. The police investigate and clear themselves. A coroner’s inquest is convened and finds justified use of force. The community expresses outrage and then we await the next shooting. We may be entering our homes, our apartments, our cars, carrying toys, walking down the street in our community and our lives may be taken from us in an instant. And our families will have no recourse because the system goes through the motions of seeking justice and then fails to deliver.

The leaders may issue calls for calm and returning to normal levels of mindless consumer activity. Some rich woman will blow her nose, walk around half naked or say something stupid and the media will flock to her side. We cannot tell by the actions of America that black lives matter because according to the criminal justice system, they obviously don’t. It is sadly ironic that on the day President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to the three murdered voting rights activists of my youth, I am reminded that today’s youth remain even more at risk than ever before.  There are people in the streets issuing their own indictments.


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