Stop Whining. Do Your Job. Pass A Bill.

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Last week, when President Obama announced executive action on immigration policy, many Congressional Republicans were up in arms, saying he was acting like a monarch or dictator and poisoning the well by acting unilaterally without Congressional approval. He fired back that all they have to do to negate his action was to pass a bill for his signature that dealt with the issue. The US Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill over a year and a half ago. John Boehner and the House GOP caucus sat on their hands, refusing to either vote on the Senate bill or produce one of their own.

Other than passing over 50 bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act (which everyone knew would go nowhere in the Senate), the House has done little more of significance since it was taken over by a Republican majority following the disastrous 2010 midterm elections. That’s if…

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