Chickens and eggs


I had a terrible childhood.  I felt like I was always alone; no friends, ignored by family, and always left by myself.  I wore my house key on a chain around my neck so I could let myself into the house after walking home alone from school.  From about the 2nd grade through high school I was bullied and constantly picked on.  I was short and skinny; my nickname was ‘shrimp’.  And I hated it.  School was a constant struggle and my grades sucked.  It seems like I have no memories at all of every really being happy.

Could it have really been that bad?

My brother was significantly older than I am, and had joined the Navy while I was still a toddler, and I have no idea what it was like for him growing up.  Throughout his life though I never really saw him happy either; always…

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One thought on “Chickens and eggs

  1. It sounds like this author may have too much time on their hands. To have your entire adult life consumed by what might have been, or not been, To be that jealous of their siblings. To think that they are the only person in the world to have had some difficulties growing up. Don’t they read the news? What about the bullying that goes on now a days! The abuse in homes! Geez – get over yourself already! I don’t think that this attitude has anything to do with being bipolar!


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